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Malmberg Case Study: Proof that Meta-Tagging Works

Malmberg was looking for a faster, easier way to organize their educational content. We ran a proof-of-concept test to see if AI could be the right solution for them. What we discovered was surprising: a 95% accuracy rate in tagging English content correctly like a human. We also found ways to improve the AI for an even better result for the future. Find out how Malmberg optimized 360AI by downloading the case study below.


EDIA Creates an AI-Driven Roadmap Built for Success

Our client wanted concrete advice on how to build a truly adaptive learning platform. In order to give them that, EDIA spent 20 days researching on-site Interviewed key stakeholders in the project & met with specialized experts from every part of the platform in order to create a clear, actionable roadmap for ensured AI success. Find out the details by downloading the case study below.