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EDIA’s metadata-tagger automates the labour-intensive, manual metadata-labelling process in order to improve content accessibility and personalisation. Metadata allows educational publishers to drive more revenue, decrease content production costs and manage their content more effectively.

  • Drive more revenue by reusing and repurposing already existing content.

  • Make data-driven decisions about your content with strategic insight into your CMS.

  • Release your content faster to the market by optimizing your content production.


Benefits of Automated Metadata

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Optimize Your Content Management

Content labeled with appropriate metadata increases content accessibility and searchability. Metadata enables an efficient content management process where content can be easily discovered and its performance evaluated.


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Streamline Your Content Production

Decrease the number of editing touch-points by assessing the content fit early in the authoring process. Automatically check for the correct topic, readability level or required keywords in order to decrease content production costs and time.


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Drive More Revenue from Your Content

Content properly labeled with metadata is a requirement for personalized and adaptive learning. A well-structured and metadata-tagged content can be also effectively monetized in new digital products.


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