Welcome to our 'temporary' website. Our previous site became obsolete. The final version of our new website still needs a lot of work. So, until we finish the real deal, this spot will provide you with all the basic information about EDIA. The most valuable link is in the top right. It's named 'contact'. Feel free to use it. We look forward to getting in touch with you.


We create relevant education technology
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A bit about us and our values

EDIA was founded in 2004 and is a leading international development and support organisation for best-of-breed educational open source applications. We specialise in the development and implementation of educational software. Within the field of educational software, we focus on adaptive learning content based on student models, virtual learning environments and the integration of these technologies.

Our products and services are compliant with e-learning standards such as IMS, QTI and Scorm. Edia delivers products and services to secondary education, higher education and commercial organisations. Our team of professionals is well capable of developing high quality software using an integrated view on ICT and Pedagogy.


We believe that accessible education and knowledge sharing is key to the improvement of the lives of people worldwide.


What makes our hearts beat faster

Digital technology has a huge potential to improve education and learning methods. Unfortunately in many cases technology gets implemented with a lack of vision and specific knowledge. Too often we see promising new learning methods suffer from a lack of technical know how and software developers with no knowledge of didactics jump in and produce education applications that are virtually useless. This results in a situation where the potential of technology is not reached, or worse still, that there is skepticism about the deployment of technology in education. For this reason EDIA develops education technology that is relevant and sustainable. We achieve this by designing applications with the end user in mind and creatively combining our knowledge and experience in the fields of education, didactics, education institutes, didactics and digital technology.

Our mission

We want people to have a better opportunity to develop themselves. We hope to achieve this by scaffolding cognitive learning processes, provide improved access to information and knowledge, help learners connect with experts, teachers or peers and inspire our stakeholders by sharing our knowledge and insights.

Why we support open source software

EDIA supports open source initiatives because we believe in the innovative power of community development. Open source software allows education institutions to jointly take control of mission critical software. Currently, institutions in the education space are increasingly aware of the inherent benefits and flexibility of an open source IT-strategy and the possibility of collaboration and knowledge exchange between renowned institutions on a global scale. Open source education technology is available for everything from learning to finance to research systems and schools and college continue to adopt open source software for mission critical applications at an increasing rate. With increasing adoption of open source, a growing demand has emerged for dedicated and specialised support of open source technology.

This overview will give you an idea of the organisations we have helped since our start in 2004.

We create relevant education technology



We invent

If it doesn’t exist, we create it

Well; sometimes we do. Honestly; only if we think it is relevant or worth the effort. In some cases we have developed completely new software and learning methods. Sometimes we create new solutions by simply combining what’s already out there in a complete new fashion. Take for instance 'Knowble'. The online language learning method. Designed and developed by us as an online language learning solution for illiterate. Today the Knowble technology is widely used by publishers and integrated with some of the largest language learning methods in the Netherlands.

Intelligence uses what is known to solve problems. Creativity uses what is unknown to discover possibilities

The past eight years we also created more than thirty new tools for Sakai; the community source, educational software platform. Tools that have improved the platforms of our clients. It’s in our nature to challenge the status quo and to look beyond boundaries. Anything is possible but not everything is useful.

We create relevant education technology



Consultancy, advice and project management by Edia

We love big ideas!

We build stuff that matters. Stuff with value. But that's not where it all starts. Building ‘stuff’ is the final phase of a project. It’s the result of a solid plan which is the logical next step of a big idea. And big ideas erupt from a clear vision. But that’s a lot easier said than done. It takes a lot of small steps to make a giant leap. And that’s where we kick inn; To help you realise what you envision with our knowledge, experience, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. By asking questions before giving the answers; ‘Why is this important’? How will this contribute to what’? ‘What's the benefit’? Then we fill in the details.

If we know your ‘why’ we can tell you ‘how’ before we make your ‘what’


Well; we will get comfortable, serve you a coffee and then we talk. We ask questions. Tonnes of questions. Systematically. To get to the bottom of things. We need to find out what it is you actually need; Support? Technical advice? Didactical advice? A new or existing technical solution? Project management or a combination of things? There are a thousand paths that lead to the same destination. But what path to take? We can tell you if we know what your final destination is.

After one or more interviews we will write down our findings and send you a draft proposal or advice. We will make sure you understand every part of our feedback. If you are happy with our proposal we will decide together if you want us to take things into a next phase. That’s where we get concrete: costs, deliverables, time paths; the works. Usually pretty extensive documents. You will know exactly what to expect, what kind of guarantees you will get and most important; how your stakeholders will benefit from it.

This approach worked well for many people we helped the past eight years. This overview will give you an idea.

We create relevant education technology



Helping the people who help people

We are very proud of this overview of clients and partners. These are all organisations who directly or indirectly help people. Organisations who put or have put their trust in us. Behind each logo is a remarkable story. Stories that are waiting to be shared. Soon... Until then ask us. We will be happy tell you the stories in person and to share our experiences with you.

Educational institutions



Public institutions


Welcome to our 'temporary' website. Our previous site became obsolete. The final version of our new website still needs a lot of work. So, until we finish the real deal, this spot will provide you with all the basic information about EDIA. The most valuable link is in the top right. It's named 'contact'. Feel free to use it. We look forward to getting in touch with you.


Based in the historical city centre of the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Edia is at walking distance from the central train station, which connects to Schiphol international airport in 15 minutes.

t: 0031 (0)20 716 36 12
f: 0031 (0)20 716 36 13

Our postal address:
P.O. box 14573
1001 LB Amsterdam

Our office is located at:
Egelantiersstraat 143
1015 RA Amsterdam

We create relevant education technology





Senior Java developer

EDIA specializes in education technology because we are passionate about education. At EDIA we believe that access to education improves the quality of life for many. We think that learning and teaching on a web scale can be improved by using the right technologies.

BEDIA offers research, consultancy, development and maintenance of web-based education technology. We serve various types of organisations, such as universities, schools, publishers, libraries and corporations.

Information about the position

As Java developer, your primary task is to design and implement educational systems. You will also work on existing frameworks such as Sakai and Knowble. Sakai is an open source learning environment,which EDIA is a leading commercial provider for. Knowble is an adaptive language learning application that has been developed by EDIA since 2006.

A developer will be required to take part in R&D for new and innovative (mobile) applications. At EDIA we work with SCRUM.

Function requirements

You have a higher education background and a minimum of 4 years professional Java development experience. We require a person with a healthy working mentality and who is capable of developing web applications independently and from scratch. EDIA is a Dutch company but if you speak English we also encourage you to apply for the position.

You have knowledge and understanding of the Java programming language and frameworks such as Spring, MVC and Hibernate. You also have relevant experience with Javascript and HTML5. EDIA also uses jQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js and document-based databases such as MongoDB.

We prefer a candidate with experience on all technologies mentioned. However, what we value the most is the ability of a person to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and frameworks. At EDIA we are used to work hard, so candidates should be able to handle deadlines well. As we value a good working atmosphere within our organisation, we make sure there is enough time for social events as well.

Our offer

EDIA offers both a challenging and inspiring working environment, at which you will find enough space for personal development and taking on initiatives. EDIA will offer the right candidate a market conform salary.

EDIA is located at a very nice location in the historic city centre of Amsterdam (De Jordaan). Our office is characterized by a pleasant and personal working atmosphere and a healthy discipline. You will be able to work in a team of fifteen highly qualified professionals that are willing to share their knowledge and experience amongst each other.

If you are interested in the position, you can get in touch with Mr. J. Koeman via jk@edia.nl

Acquisitie op basis van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld (dus echt niet doen).

Stage Social media


EDIA heeft een uniek concept voor studiekeuze ontwikkeld. De inzet van social media speelt een belangrijke rol bij de landelijke introductie van dit concept. Wij zijn daarom op zoek naar een gemotiveerde social media baas (in spé) die ons komt helpen een slimme social media campagne op te zetten en uit te voeren. Dit houdt in:

  • Het uitwerken van een strategie;
  • Het creëren en vormgeven van relevante accounts;
  • Maken en delen van content en adequaat reageren op reacties en feedback.


  • Je begrijpt hoe je social media strategisch inzet;
  • Je hebt een uitstekende beheersing van de Nederlandse taal;
  • Je kunt goed zelfstandig werken en neem je neemt initiatief;
  • Je bent een creatieve denker en je hebt lef.
  • Je bent vertrouwd met Apple computers.


Wij bieden een uitdagende en inspirerende werkomgeving waarin veel ruimte is voor eigen initiatief en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Je wordt door een ervaren senior marketing- & communicatiemanager begeleid. Duur van de stage en stagevergoeding worden in goed overleg bepaald en vastgelegd.

De sollicitatieprocedure

Herken jij jezelf in deze vacature en ben je snel beschikbaar? Stuur dan je CV en motivatie naar info@edia.nl. Je krijgt gegarandeerd antwoord van ons.

Acquisitie op basis van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld (dus echt niet doen).

Korte bedrijfsomschrijving

Bij EDIA vinden wij dat leren veel slimmer kan door gebruik te maken van relevante technologie. EDIA is specialist in taal- en onderwijstechnologie. Ons team van ontwikkelaars is doorlopend bezig met het creëren van innovatieve digitale technologie. EDIA is gevestigd op een prettige locatie in het centrum van Amsterdam. Bij EDIA heerst een relaxte en persoonlijke sfeer, met een gezonde basisdiscipline. Bij EDIA weten twaalf gedreven topprofessionals van aanpakken maar wij vinden ontspanning en gezelligheid net zo belangrijk.