Whether you’re trying to deploy your first AI solution, host an open online course, or roll out a new educational product we can help you get started through our array of consulting services. We work with agile software development approach & delivery every 2 weeks in project sprints. We response to changes in requirements, technologies and market conditions swiftly.

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1. Introduction Phase

Presentation of vision and roadmap for your service needs in education in general. Involvement of key stakeholders for your software  initiative Identification of your key business domains where we’d add value. This is a non-binding introductory session aimed at gaining AI understanding across your organisation

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2. Concept Workshop

We’ll host an interactive session aimed at identifying and defining key business cases for applying AI in your organisation. The outcomes of the customized workshop are:

  • Defined prototype based on your strategic priorities
  • Prototype development timeline and roadmap
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3. Prototyping Sprint

First technical implementation of the proposed concept. This is either done by your technical team with support from 360AI. Alternatively, you can hire one or more of our development teams. A functional prototype that aligns to your strategic priorities.  The prototype will showcase artificial intelligence application in an educational product roadmap document with detailed cost estimation and planning for further development and rollout. Ability to test product hypothesis with low investment

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4. Product development

From prototype to rollout - technical development conducted by your technical team with support from 360AI staff. Alternatively, one or more of our development teams will bring the prototype to productions stage. 360AI develops software using the proven Scrum methodology. A key principle of Scrum is its recognition that during the development processes, customers will have new insights about what they want and need and should therefore be able to adjust the project direction. The process encompases the following elements:

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5. Deployment phase/roll out stage