Educational product development

We offer educational product development services based on our clients’ needs. We’ll help you get started with product research, setting up your architecture and MVP (minimum viable product) development.


Learning Management System Optimization

We offer learning management system optimization services that enable you to add additional functionality with external tools via the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard.
We use EdTech standards to make your LMS future-proof and minimize vendor lock-in. We support the following learning management systems such as: Sakai, Open edX, Instructure Canvas, Moodle, etc.


AI in Education Consulting

Inevitably, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a leading role in Education of the 21st century. Our consultancy helps educators and publishers understand AI and how it will affect the education domain.Our services will enable you to not only apply AI in your education IT projects but also have specific AI researched and developed. We help you scale educational processes so that teachers have more quality time to teach and authors can provide high-quality content for learners.


Monetize Your Online Course

We’ll help you set up, configure, host and support your open online course.
Whether you’re university trying to host a massive open online course (MOOC) or a corporate training department, we’ll help you deliver your content in the most widely available global online course framework called Open edX.


Hosting & Support

We offer an array of hosting and infrastructure services specifically tailored to the education industry legal requirements and standards. Our services emcompass monitoring servers and application performance, running back-ups, providing microservices and software containers automatizing infrastructure maintenance and supporting overall IT service management.  


Learning Analytics IMPLEMENTATION

Learning Analytics provides teachers insight on student performance by combining all the data points across different channels into a single view. Additionally, course administrators get insight into course performance.
EDIA offers a custom-made Learner Record Store (based on xAPI-based singular learner data storage) to track all learning analytics and display them on a dashboard. Furthermore, AI-based predictive analytics can be applied to provide additional insight.



EDIA helps publishers scale their content through metadata tagging, content storage and structuring while providing content usage insight at the same time. Overall, we make the content production process data-driven which in turn helps you make better decisions in content management.


Project implementation

Whether you’re trying to deploy your first AI solution, host an open online course, or roll out a new educational product we can help you get started through our array of consulting services. We work with agile software development approach & delivery every 2 weeks in project sprints. We response to changes in requirements, technologies and market conditions swiftly.