Gain strategic insight into your content library or CMS in order to make data-driven decisions

The automation of metadata-tagging is the foundation of the new publishing value chain. By tagging content automatically and reiteratively (supported by machine learning and natural language processing) content then becomes smart, hence smart content.

Smart content contains high-quality data that can be integrated in your content management system (CMS). With integrations, you can filter, search and evaluate your content and overall gain strategic insight into your content library.

Content labeled with high-quality metadata can also be easily organized following your respective taxonomy or curriculum structure. You will be able to evaluate your content performance and scope, and in turn, make data-driven decisions about your content and the editorial processes.

By automating your content, you’ll be able to decrease costs and time by reusing existing content. Respectively, you’ll be able to increase revenue by allowing your team to repurpose and resell existing content.

Here’s how edia optimizes your content MANAGEMENT:

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Automatically metadata tag your content

Our tagger labels your content instantly and as a result saves costs and time compared to human manual tagging. Our metadata tagger can also increase the overall metadata quality, coverage and accuracy.

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Fully integrate with content management systems

Integrate 360AI directly with your CMS(s) to unlock a full 360 view of your existing content. With our integrators, content is filtered and discovered easily, therefore increasing your content management processes. We offer an Alfresco integration and a PublishOne integration.

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Evaluate content performance and make data-driven decisions

Once your content is metadata-tagged, you will be able to see the results of the learning objective or CEFR classification, then make data-driven decisions.

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