We’ll help you set up, configure, host and support your open online course.

Whether you’re university trying to host a massive open online course (MOOC) or a corporate training department, we’ll help you deliver your content in the most widely available global online course framework called Open edX.

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  1. Slow and complex process of getting set up, we deliver fast, secure set up
  2. We alleviate the lack technical resources or capacity you have to set up
  3. We integrate with your existing systems
  4. We’ll take care of the hosting of your open online course
  5. Teach you the functionalities of the technology to make use of it


  1. Attract new students to your university by showcasing a sneak peek into your curriculum
  2. Well suited for flipping the classroom educational model
  3. Use the educational standard for your company’s training and development process
  4. Plug and play solution again monthly subscription; no coding needed
  5. Rather, we provide a flexible, customized solution
  6. Add integrations list (new url) LTI for example
  7. Make your course materials suitable for online learning design
  8. Provide best practices and didactical concepts