Learning Analytics provides teachers insight on student performance by combining all the data points across different channels into a single view. Additionally, course administrators get insight into course performance.

EDIA offers a custom-made Learner Record Store (based on xAPI-based singular learner data storage) to track all learning analytics and display them on a dashboard. Furthermore, AI-based predictive analytics can be applied to provide additional insight.

uni analytics.png


  • Learning data is scattered in different silos (ie. products, platforms, databases, etc.)
  • Decisions are made on a small subset of data rather than a holistic view of your end-users
  • Program Directors and teachers lack insights about students and end-users


  • Learner Record Store consolidates all learning data into one place
  • Shows a 360-view on learner data
  • Enable Program Director to draw insight and make educated conclusions about users
  • Integration with other educational digital platforms & synchronize all data into one place
  • Enable proper learner data management - necessary requirement for personalized and adaptive learning
  • Understand the learning style and behaviors of students.