We offer an array of hosting and infrastructure services specifically tailored to the education industry legal requirements and standards.

Our services emcompasses monitoring servers and application performance, running back-ups, providing microservices and software containers automatizing infrastructure maintenance and supporting overall IT service management. We routinely run security patches to make sure your systems are safeguarded against intruders. Additionally, we offer education IT-specific SLAs to universities, publishers and e-learning providers.

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  • Ensuring high server up rate
  • Safe keeping data in highly secured environment
  • Delivering fast deployment of applications
  • Providing functional and technical support


  • Comply to the SURF legal standards for cloud services
  • Offer 24/7 maintenance services
  • Manage hosting infrastructure either at your or our premises
  • Stay ahead of the latest, innovative technologies such as open-source and kubernetes.
  • Comply with EU privacy laws & host in EU, plus Amazon prime in UK.