Automate the metadata-tagging process

EDIA’s Metadata-tagger replaces the labor-intensive data entry work at a faster, cheaper and more accurate rate than manual workforce.

Use turnkey solutions through existing integrations

Get started quickly and easily with our metadata tagging API. You can use various integrations with software that you’re already using in publishing workflows. We’ve already done the technical work for you. All you need to get started is a valid license key, which you can request through our sales team.

Our the metadata tagger is available in the following content management systems (CMS) and editors:

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Alfresco is a content management system widely used by publishing companies to manage content for all channels including digital and print. Integrated with EDIA, new uploads are automatically tagged on keywords, readability, and topics. Content that is properly tagged enables discovery and repurposing of existing content, and the rapid trialling of new products and audiences, driving new revenue streams. Watch this video of the Alfresco integration.


PublishOne is an online publishing solution packed with smart technologies. Inside each document in PublishOne, users can access a tab with automatically assigned metadata and set your readability target level that the document is expected to be. See the following video for more information on the integration with PublishOne.


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FontoXML is a web-based XML editor that is used by subject matter experts around the world to create structured content. The EDIA integration with FontoXML allows users to get real-time feedback on their authoring process with automated tagging of keywords, readability and topics for a single or multiple content blocks inside the editor. You can try the integration in this demo or by watching this video.


Developed and launched by EDIA in 2019, Papyrus is the go-to tool for ELT authors and editors, featuring various readability analysis scores, including CEFR and GSE. You can access the free beta version and try out the latest features here.


Last but not least, Google users that make use of G-suite can make use of the EDIA add-on to get real-time feedback on the content they are producing. Contact us for a demo or more information.


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We provide all the necessary advice and support in a form of a personal consultation or workshop identifying your content management needs and building a business case for smart content and metadata use.



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