We offer educational product development services based on our clients’ needs. We’ll help you get started with product research, setting up your architecture and MVP (minimum viable product) development.

service phase-1-monotone.png

1. Concept phase

(consultancy, interviews, workshop)

service phase-2-monotone.png

2. Prototyping phase

(create mockups and designs, verify idea, then MVP, test)

service phase-3-monotone.png

3. Software development phase

(bringing the MVP to full product, following the agile methodology)

service phase-4-monotone.png

4. Delivery phase

(releasing the product, hosting and maintenance of the product)



  • Developing a product ready for the educational market is a complex task
  • The necessity to innovate and digitalize in order to stay ahead of the market
  • Lack of understanding of the EdTech space and EdTech technologies leads to a poor product vision
  • Lack of in-house technical capacity and resources with experience in the education sector


  • Create robust & flexible architecture which is aligned to the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment approach
  • Develop innovative educational products which follow an agile development process that allows for quick market feedback (learning record store dashboard, applications, APIs, integrations)
  • Utilize state-of-the-art AI in your educational product 
  • Optimize and accelerate product development processes
  • We adhere to international educational technology market standards such as IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), Experience API (xAPI), TinCan, IMS OneRoster etc.