Drive more revenue by repurposing your content and creating personalized products

Traditionally publishers have sold their content as bundled books. But the demand for such bundled content keeps decreasing. Students and teachers alike demand more flexible and economical content rather than traditional printed books.

With decreasing print sales and increasing demand for flexible content, educational publishers have to drive new revenue streams by exploring new business models. Examples from the market include various subscription models, content marketplaces or educational resource banks that allow flexible payment terms.

Structured and metadata-tagged content unlocks smart content. With smart content you can develop new digital products and flexible business models.

Here’s how 360AI can help you drive more revenue:

Resell your existing content at scale icon.jpg

Resell your existing content at scale

Properly structured and labeled content (aka metadata-tagged content) can be monetized at scale. By reselling your existing content, you can license your content at scale.

Explore new business models icon.jpg

Explore new business models

Metadata-tagged content can be made accessible to teachers and students with subscription-based content banks or easily searchable content marketplaces.

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Create personalized products

Content enriched with high-quality metadata is a requirement for implementing any adaptive and personalized learning solutions. With personalized learning materials, there is higher learner engagement and better learning outcomes.

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