EDIA helps publishers scale their content through metadata tagging, content storage and structuring while providing content usage insight at the same time. Overall, we make the content production process data-driven which in turn helps you make better decisions in content management.

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  • Content metadata is scattered in different channels or inconsistently filled out in different formats
  • Content is stored and structured in a poor, non-digital way
  • Poor metadata leads to poor content management (i.e., you re-write content that you already have or classify a course level of learning incorrectly)
  • Manual metadata tagging is prone to human error
  • Manual metadata is an expensive, time-consuming process
  • Lacks content usage insights


  • Scale content structuring and metadata tagging on a mass level
  • Powerful content recommendations based on adaptive learning system
  • Increase content searchability
  • Drive content monetization from the existing archive
  • Ensure higher metadata quality
  • Show content insights such as content usage, popularity, time spent, etc.