Inevitably, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a leading role in Education of the 21st century. Our consultancy helps educators and publishers understand AI and how it will affect the education domain.

Our services will enable you to not only apply AI in your education IT projects but also have specific AI researched and developed. We help you scale educational processes so that teachers have more quality time to teach and authors can provide high-quality content for learners.

AI in edtech.png


  1. Lack of understanding where and how to start with AI
  2. Knowing the best options on the market for AI
  3. The delay in executing innovation projects due to lack of internal AI resources
  4. Structuring your raw data to make it standardized and machine-readable for AI technologies


  1. Provide understanding of Artificial Intelligence technologies
  2. Create awareness of AI applicability for the educational domain
  3. Aid the process of collecting/structuring data in your AI innovation project
  4. Structuring your learners’ data through our “Learning Record Store”
  5. Provide predictive models based on the collected data
  6. Research and/or develop custom AI technologies for your unique needs
  7. Define your AI architecture and assist the design of your AI roadmap