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360AI is an artificial intelligence engine created specifically for educational providers. 360AI offers a set of AI components which automate educational content classification, content creation and data management by using machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.  360AI understands what the content it is about, where it can be applied and how it’s used, therefore making the content smart.

Benefits of 360AI

These are the few of many benefits of using 360AI. They all pertain to automating processing in content creation or content curation as well as monitoring learners analytics.

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Automated Metadata Tagging

360AI automatically generates accurate metadata tags such as topic classification, readability (ie. texts difficulty), keywords extraction, similarity of content. Metadata is highly important for efficient content management. Well-tagged content, speeds up the publishing workflow and improves content delivery personalization.

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Adaptive Learning Engine

360AI offers a recommendation engine that uses the learning graph to recommend appropriate content to learners and teachers.

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Authoring Support

360AI supports authors and editors by analyzing content in order to provide metadata recommendations, consistency checking, content reuse, recommendation images that comply with publishers’ guidelines.


Who is 360AI for?

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Educational Publishers

Publishing is a legacy-driven industry. Publishers have vast amounts of content libraries to sort through. 360AI, assists editors, authors or content managers by automatically generating accurate metadata for better content management.  360AI automatically map content to a given curriculum so that content always fits the taxonomy needs and the learning goals. Overall, 360AI speeds up your production processes and supports smart content initiatives.

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Universities (or Educational Institutions)

Universities or K12 schools rely on Learning Management Systems and other third-party digital solutions to deliver classroom materials. 360AI speeds up the development of your learning analytics and provide an adaptive learning engine that’ll transform your LMS into a personalized learning experience for your students.

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Corporate Training Departments (CTD)

Corporate training departments oversee learning processes of their employees. 360AI enables better tracking of employee learning and provides valuable insights into the skills’ development, training and unique needs of your workforce. With 360AI, your employees receive just-in-time personalized content recommendations to optimize their learning goals.