cutting-edge Edtech

Education is not improved by just one idea or the next startup. To really know how to create relevant EdTech, keeping the right people and expertise together over time is crucial. With these people, we build cutting-edge edtech. Edtech that enables adaptive and personalised learning.
EDIA is an award winning creator of advanced EdTech applications. Backed by 12+ years of experience with AI-powered, scientifically proven learning technologies and a team of 30 highly skilled professionals.

EDIA is a full service organisation/one stop shop with expertise to support each phase of the product life-cycle from idea creation, agile development to ongoing maintenance and support. We can even bring your idea  from scratch to a company.


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In our industry (mental health care) financial recourses are very limitary. For this reason we always strive to achieve a maximum result on a lean budget. A difficult task in which EDIA has succeeded to date. The agile work method of EDIA (Scrum) has proven successful as deliverables are nearly always finalized according to approved specifications and planning.
— Atse Aukes, Product owner & consultant Zorgaanbieders Online B.V.